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Covers & Spray Hoods
Our spray hoods are made using the best quality coated marine Acrylics,
available in a wide range of attractive colours. 
We also make up the stainless steel bars and use all of the highest quality fittings to create a truly professional finish. 
Your tired old hood can be recovered retaining your existing bars to give it a new look.
BOAT CANOPIES FOR BOATS CORNWALLThe Canopy, a more complex structure, can comprise simply, of the replacement of it's covering, or a redesign of the shape to give a more pleasing
appearance.  In many cases, we design and make the stainless or Aluminium structure from scratch, again covering with a range of high quality Acrylics or Top Gun.
Boom Covers
Boom Covers FOR BOATS CORNWALL COLLINS SAILMAKERSBoom covers protect the mainsail from weather damage mainly from the effects of UV, they come in a range of colours and fabrics, generally matched with Spray Hoods and Dodgers.  We supply them to your choice of fastenings, using turnbuckles, snap fasteners, zips or bungee and hooks.
Spray Hoods
Spray Hoods FOR BOATS COLLINS SAILMAKERSAs with boom covers, spray dodgers come in a wide range of colours and materials. The yachts name can be added, again in various colours.
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