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Ajax N23 One Design



Computer designed with the latest 3D programmed software from New Zealand to suit the local conditions. We also take into account crew weight where appropriate. Mast profile is entered using the latest digital optical equipment. We use the best quality sailcloth available world-wide, with a hard racing finish for the ultimate performance. The sail comes with all the extra's you require to give the best performance from a racing sail - Draft stripes, anti-collision window, tapered battens, dyneema leach line, tell-tails, sail numbers, class insignia and a foot length sail bag.


Also computer designed, the cambers are modified to suit local waters, forestay sag is applied using digital photo technology, again the sail comes complete with luff wire, cunningham, anti-collision window, draft stripes, tell-tails, Dyneema leech line and a foot length bag.


The spinnaker is also computer designed, our radial cut spinnaker is a compromise between reaching and running with the emphasis towards reaching which suits "around the Cans" racing. we offer a choice of cloths within class rules with detailed discussion on sheets and clew fittings.


Our boom / cockpit covers have proved very popular, keeping the boat dry and protected whilst left on the mooring. Simple to use and with "easy to fit clip kit" and offers the best handling of the Mainsail when flaked over the boom.

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