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Cornish Shrimper


Design & Build

All of our sails are designed using the very latest in 3D design software from Auckland NZ. With the ability to create (and re-create) the perfect aero foil shapes, together with digital photo technology enabling us to customise your sails precisely to your rig and produce the perfect suit of sails for your boat.

"The sort of detail you could only expect from a sailmaker on your doorstep"

All the materials we use come from the worlds leading sailcloth manufacturers, who also either produce or supply all the hardware and finishing materials to complete your sails, to the highest quality available.


Whether it's traditional tan or the more modern look of white Dacron, our mainsail comes complete with class insignia, sail numbers, two slab reefs, leech and foot lines, tell-tales, sail ties and a sail bag.


Again, available in the tan or a slightly harder finished white Dacron, Comes complete with UV strip for furling, leech and foot lines, tell-tales and a sail bag. (Foot length with white sail)

Boom Cover

Made from quality acrylic, available on a choice of over 30 attractive colours, complete with all fittings required for a quick and easy, secure fit

Cockpit Cover

With an option of either acrylic or "Top-Gun" giving a range of 47 different colours, complete with all fittings required for an easy secure fit.

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