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We offer a repair service all year round and in regatta weeks we offer an emergency service but obvisously there is a higher charge for the regatta weeks to keep you in the races!!

Collins Sailmakers offer a comprehensive repair service. With a full range of sail material for every sailing need, from the family day boat, to the hi-tech racing yacht.

  • UV strip replacement
  • Reef point in the mainsail
  • Plastic windows in jib sails
  • Sail numbers and logos
  • Sliders/slugs repairs/replacements
  • Seams re-stitching
  • Replacement sail panels fore/main/spinnaker
  • Batten pockets repairs
  • General repairs to rips and cuts
  • Torn Sails

We always use a like-for-like or superior material in our repairs, to ensure the best quality is provided for the appearance of the finished product.

Please call us or just drop in with your repairs

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